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 ====== Clamtk und keine Virus DB Aktualisierung ====== ====== Clamtk und keine Virus DB Aktualisierung ======
 +Das bearbeiten der clamd.conf und freshclam.conf brachte kein Erfolg.
 +Die Fehlermeldung lautet wie folgt:
-Clamtk updates the Gui and the engine alright, but the signatures ​update ​failsIt is listed under the Updates and for a fraction of a second I see the status field showingChecking, but the update ​does not occur.+  freshclam -v -l /​var/​log/​clam-update.log 
 +  ERRORCan't open /​var/​log/​clam-update.log in append mode (check permissions!). 
 +  ERROR: Problem with internal logger (UpdateLogFile = /​var/​log/​clam-update.log).
-Running freshclam as an alternative yields the following comments: +Meine Dateien sind: \\
- +
- ​freshclam +
- ​ERROR:​ Please edit the example config file /​etc/​freshclam.conf +
- ​ERROR:​ Can't open/parse the config file /​etc/​freshclam.conf +
- +
-I am asked to edit the conf file, but there is no information how the conf file should read. +
-i would appreciate some help. +
- +
- +
- +
-It's a very old post - but this looks similar? +
-http://​www.nuonce.net/​support/​viewthread.php?​tid=221 +
-(I had the same problem - and it seems to have worked for me - though why a 6 year old bug should apparently reappear I couldn'​t say) +
-(beware - linux newbie!) +
- +
- +
- +
-Edit clamd.conf, and freshclam.conf,​ but no luck. +
-Get messages +
- +
- ​freshclam -v -l /​var/​log/​clam-update.log +
- ​ERROR:​ Can't open /​var/​log/​clam-update.log in append mode (check permissions!). +
- ​ERROR:​ Problem with internal logger (UpdateLogFile = /​var/​log/​clam-update.log). +
- +
- +
-My files \\+
 [[http://​kellerleiche.bplaced.net/​filemanager/​freshclam.conf|freshclam]] [[http://​kellerleiche.bplaced.net/​filemanager/​freshclam.conf|freshclam]]
-and \\+und \\
 [[http://​kellerleiche.bplaced.net/​filemanager/​clamd.conf|clamd]] [[http://​kellerleiche.bplaced.net/​filemanager/​clamd.conf|clamd]]
 +Wenn ich die Fehlermeldung richtig verstehe, fehlen die benötigten Berechtigungen um '​clamav'​ zu starten.
 +Überprüfen wir die Berechtigungen zu der Datei **/​var/​log/​clam-update.log**,​ stellen wir fest, das es diese Datei gar nicht gibt.
-as I understand freshclam drop it's priviledges and run as user '​clamav'​ +Um diese Datei anzulegenmüssen wir zu **root** werden und geben in der Konsole/Terminal folgendes ein (Kopieren und speichern geht auch):
-check the permissions on file /​var/​log/​clam-update.logyou need to allow write permission for user '​clamav'​. +
- +
- +
-    and there is my problem, i've not file called +
-    ​/var/​log/​clam-update.log +
-    crazy... ::) +
- +
- +
-that's because user clamav doesn'​t have permission to write (create new log filein /var/log +
-on my system /var/log is listed as: +
- +
-    drwxr-xr-x 16 root root 4096 Nov 20 16:03 /var/log/ +
- +
-as you can see only root can create new file in /var/log. +
- +
-Try to su to root, and create an empty log file in /var/log: +
- +
-  echo > /​var/​log/​clam-update.log +
-  chown clamav:​clamav /​var/​log/​clam-update.log +
- +
-then try again to run freshclam ​ ;) +
- +
- +
-This is the trick, AS you solved my day, ahhh problem, thanks man  ;D +
 + <​del>​ echo > /​var/​log/​clam-update.log
 +  chown clamav:​clamav /​var/​log/​clam-update.log</​del>​
-Why clamav as root?+und starten danach  
 + <​del>​freshclam -v -l /​var/​log/​clam-update.log</​del>​
-I use that as user: +Nun startet die Aktualisierung der Virus Datenbank.
-/​usr/​bin/​freshclam --datadir=$HOME/​.clamtk/db --log=$HOME/​.clamtk/​db/​freshclam.log # clamtk-defs +
-/​usr/​bin/​clamscan --database=$HOME/​.clamtk/​db --detect-pua -i -r $HOME --exclude-dir=$HOME/​.clamtk/​viruses --log=$HOME/​.clamtk/​history/​$(date +\%b-\%d-\%Y).log 2>/​dev/​null # clamtk-scan+
 +Um das Verzeichnis clamav anzulegen, müssen wir zu **root** werden und geben in der Konsole/​Terminal folgendes ein (Kopieren und speichern geht auch):
-I start not to understand what all of you here use as fix for the problem. I also met with this after I started ​freshclam ​as root in the console, and the clamtk gui does show a red button to say the list is not up to date.+  mkdir /​var/​log/​clamav 
 +Setzen die benötigten Rechte für das Verzeichnis:​ 
 +  chown -R clamav:​clamav /​var/​log/​clamav/​ 
 +Nun legen wir die Datei freshclam.log an...  ​
-I looked into the files /etc/freshclam.conf and /etc/clamd.conf, but don't understand too much what needs to be done there, except for the "​Exemple"​ to comment or remove.+  echo > /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log 
 +... und starten das update mit...  
-What solutions could be suggested ​to make it easy to use for all ?+  freshclam -v -l /​var/​log/​clamav/​freshclam.log 
 +**ERROR: Can't save PID to file /​run/​clamav/​clamd.pid:​ No such file or directory**
-Thanks.+Meine Lösung wäre: 
 +   mkdir /run/clamav
 +   echo /​run/​clamav/​clamd.pid
-Although you can start freshclam as root user, the program will drop root privileges by itself.+    
-The issue is that freshclam cannot create a new log file in /var/log, as non root user, because it lack of permission to write on /var/log. Once the log file as been created, there can be permission to '​append'​ on that log file. (that was my suggestion to Leiche).+   ​clamd  ​
-Alternatively it's possible to define a different location for the log file, as suggested from margarita, using a location writable by freshclam (--log option). ​ Of course the log destination could be changed directly on freshclam.conf / clamd.conf, i.e. to something like "​~/​tmp/​freshclam.log"​. 
-So now you have 3 solutions, but no one is an upstream solution ​ :D 
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